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2008-01-02 11:33 am

Ahem... I think this is about right...

So, it's 2008 and here I am, posting in this journal again. Basically, this is just an introductory message to say for now... this is a friends only journal. Drop me a line or a comment if you want to read about my life and my journey into motherhood. I'm trying to have a baby and that's the subject du jour 'round here.
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2004-01-17 08:58 pm

Is this thing on?

Okay... this is my first post here! This journal will probably be mostly private and probably the only place I rant and vent about Real Life. Even now I'm not really going to make much of this post. The friends list will be small. I will friendslock most everything here and I might post a lot of private entries as well. So... if you find yourself friended, that's what you can expect.

Yeah, I need another journal like I need a hole in my head. I promise there will be very little squee o'er sparkly things. I'm actually planning on using this journal to keep myself focused on my goals and objectives for 2004.

I had to use my invite codes for something! Hee.