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Birthdate:May 26
Website:My Fandom Journal
I finally figured out what this journal is going to be used for. My LJ name is my old fangirl screen name. well, I'm not so much a fangirl anymore as I am just someone muddling through real life. So... I've decided this is my health and well-being journal. My fitness journal and for now, my pre-pregnancy journal, pregnancy, childbirth and labor and early motherhood journal. Not all that exciting.

I'm a late 30 something woman, who has two great four-legged children, who wants a human baby of her own, which is kind of hard to do when there isn't a partner around to make that dream happen. So, this is a place where I chronicle my attempts to make it happen. It's probably going to be a little out of order as... that's just how I am. I suppose I'm living my life out of order but are any of us perfect.

I work in real estate and am also a writer, hoping to finish a novel one day. So... this is me for now.

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alternative music, angel, asthma awareness, babies, baby names, bill richardson for president, biological clock, buffy the vampire slayer, catholic saints, catholicism, central europe, characters in my head, chicano literature, christina aguilera, classic tv, contemporary literature, counting crows, creative writing, crossing jordan, dave matthews, democratic party, dmb, dr. zelenka, dragonflies, europe, fab5, fandom, fanfic, fangirlz, feminism, fit pregnancy, freelance writing, frida kahlo, gardening, getting fit, goo goo dolls, google, hearing the coyotes howl, highlander, hiking, historical women, history, homicide:lots, hummingbirds, ice cream, jon stewart, journalism, justice league, justin timberlake, latin music, lenny kravitz, liberalism, live, ljmaps, long walks, lost, modern art, mountains, movies, music, musicals, my dogs, my friends, nanowrimo, nature, new mexico, new mexico sunsets, nyc, older mothers, original student of methosity, oz, politics, popslash, pretty czech geeks, princess of procrastination, pro-choice, qaf, queen eleanor, rain, reading, real estate, rent, rent: the movie, returning catholic, road trips, san diego, san francisco, sandra cisneros, santa fe, scifi fridays, sephardim, single moms, six feet under, smell of rain, southern california, spain, spanish culture, sparkly dance boys, spirituality, sports night, starbucks, stargate atlantis, stargate sg1, stars at night, strong women, subtext, surrealism, teevee, tennis, the daily show, the dog park, the great american novel, the gym, the west wing, thunder and lightning, thunderstorms, trader joe's, ttc, tv boyfriends, u2, venti iced chai, weight training, women's ncaa basketball, working out, writing. getting pregnant

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